Our Story

During their college years at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, our six founders Brian, Greg, Kevin, Ken, Ross, and Simon all met through the fraternity system becoming brothers in the same pledge class, Omega. As college went on the six friends stayed close. The summer before their final year of college the friends started joking about starting a business together. On a “Suit” Bar crawl the idea came up to start an app. The idea was called “Got 2 Be Here”. The idea sounded good except for one major issue, none of them had any computer programming skills.

With the failed business idea life went on and the brothers started looking for real jobs. Around the time Brian had started brewing as a hobby. Some time later, the joking around about starting a business came back around. This time the focus shifted to beer. The name Omega Brewing was thought up and everyone had fun with the idea, but more as an inside joke and fun thing for the homebrew.

The joke continued and a page was made for people in on it to follow. The page started growing as more friends tried the beer. Omega started to become real. Finally the founders decided to have a more serious meeting about the idea. They discussed if the idea could be possible and decided to pursue Omega Brewing as a real venture. With Brian as Head Brewer and President, Greg as Chief Financial Officer, Kevin as Sustainability Officer and Purchasing, Ken as PR and Sales, Ross as Marketing, and Simon as Sales and Distribution.

Currently the Brewery is being formulated, locations looked at, money to start the business being worked out, labels and beers decided on, and business plans being drawn up.


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